Melissa Rose Canaday
Creative Consultant
  A native of the Bay Area and the recipient of a couple of college degrees in the performing arts, Melissa made a living as a professional opera singer and a brokerage firm lackey before deciding that neither a life as a starving artist nor as a perpetual “desk jockey” suited her. She is now living the life of a blissful newlywed with her husband. When not cavorting with customers or indulging her sesquipedalian nature on The Urban Green website, Melissa can often be found gleefully harmonizing with whatever sounds she hears, creating new, nonsensical words with reckless abandon, and blissfully frolicking with any dog that will consent play with her.

Michèle Drivon
Store Manager
  New to the Bay area, Michèle lived in Asheville, NC for the past five years where she made functional porcelain pottery. “My senior advisor in Political Science teased me that I was her only student who did anything practical with my degree,” she reports. “I confess I’m rather proud of that.” Also a teacher-in-training in the Alexander Technique, Michèle spends her precious free time indulging in sunset walks with her favorite conversationalist and fiancé Kenneth, and watching episodes of “The Dog Whisperer.” She has an underground reputation for concocting “chocolate soup,” a sublime blend of fine quality dark chocolate, heavy cream (and/or butter), cinnamon, cayenne, nuts and dried fruit. She has no shame about licking her plate.
Kenneth Fischer
Creative Consultant
  Kenneth Fischer is a native of Kentucky and new resident of Berkeley via North Carolina. A fine tea afficionado, Kenneth studies the Alexander Technique as well as his new fiancee, Michele.
Gracie Miller
Horticultural Consultant
  Originally from Minneapolis, MN, resident “dirty” girl Gracie spent much of her time in the urban forests of the Twin Cities, later teaching urban farming to youth in both Boulder, CO and Minneapolis. Sustainability, self-sufficiency, and really good basil are what drive her to work at the intersection of people and plants. She received her Permaculture Design Certification in 2005 in Costa Rica. Her horticultural experience ranges from being a private gardener to injecting Elm trees with fungicide to prevent Dutch Elm disease, to making chocolate from raw cacao beans. She is the mama to most of the potted plants and fountains at the Urban Green. When not at work, she’s usually DJ-ing, singing with her band, or salsa dancing somewhere in the Bay.
Bella “Is that a treat?” Morrow
  A 90-pound Bernese Mountain dog, Bella has been perfecting her skills as a greeter for the last five years, including extensive sessions of naps, meaningful nudges and giving paw. Well-known by her store admirers for “the lean of love,” she thinks it’s great that her mom opened a store for her to meet and snuggle with new people and other dogs. While moved by any display of affection and/or enthusiasm, Bella hopes to one day wake up in Point Isabel surrounded by mud, smelly dogs who want to play chase, and acres of Pedigree Jumbones, unwrapped and ready to bury.
Susan Morrow
Founder & Owner
  Who could resist the sparkling eyes and near-manic enthusiasm of this unabashedly progressive, outspoken overachiever? Whether sweet-talking every pooch that takes a leak on our replica grass, or pontificating on the socioeconomic implications of global fair trade (and women-owned businesses), our fearless leader is the funnest spitfire to call boss. Oh yeah. When she’s not dreaming, worrying or making plans about The Urban Green, Susan wastes time reading poetry and non-fiction science writing, playing strategy-based video games and walking through the many cool neighborhoods of Berkeley and Oakland with her faithful and fluffy sidekick, Bella. Before her current adventure-career, Susan founded and managed several nonprofit organizations, ran some big software businesses for a public company and picked up an MBA and certificate in Public Management at Stanford.